Histological Interactive Atlas



Experimental Biology

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Cellular Biology


This application allows the student examining, outside the laboratory and without limit of time, the same microscopic preparations that were observed in the practical sessions. The preparations can be observed at several magnifications, as made in a direct observation and, sometimes, under different illumination conditions. The student can select zones of interest, and identify and isolate the most important structures as well as the available information about the preparations. The application includes a section, denominated as “Virtual Microscopy”, in which the student can explore the different preparations by choosing the zone and the magnification at every moment. Finally, the self-evaluation system allows the student verifying the level of learning.


Biology, Medicine, and other degrees incorporating Histology in the contents

Sobre los autores:

  • Juan Ángel  Pedrosa Raya, Prof. Titular Universidad
  • Mª Luisa del Moral Leal. Prof.  Titular de Universidad
  • Raquel Hernández Cobo, Prof. Contratado Doctor
  • Francisco J. Molina Ortega, Prof. Ayudante no doctor
  • Mª Ángeles  Peinado Herreros, Catedrática de Universidad.


Basic knowledge in Histology (acquired in School)